Day of Rising BBD Sun - Bright Blue Day

Day of Rising BBD Sun

Never go back, they say. History repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce, said Karl Marx. Well at BBD we don’t put much stock in what ‘they’ say, and the only Karl we listen to is our Planner.


So we returned to Mangerton House for our legendary Summer Away Day. Last year, we went full Miami Vice, descending on this beautiful country house in West Dorset in a blaze of pastel pink and big hair. For the return, we immersed ourselves in the Orient. Japan to be exact. That called for ninjas, sumo’s, sushi, sake, kimonos and karaoke.


The BBD Summer Away Day is our chance to shut down, log off, get out the office and have a blast with our colleagues on equal terms, in inspiring surroundings. It’s our chance to see each other in a different light, play a different role. 


So we had BBD Founder Jonathan Clark cooking up wood-fired pizzas for 35 staff, the Client Service sisters belting out a note-perfect medley of Beyoncé classics, and Deputy MD Laurence Cornwall-Watkins hosting the Ninja Games dressed in a pink silk dressing gown, wearing full make-up, and cracking jokes so bad they have still to find a Christmas cracker. 


We work hard throughout the year to produce outstanding projects for prestigious clients. But for one day every summer, we apply ourselves to simple challenges – like riding an inflatable pelican, nailing the chorus to Sweet Home Alabama, treating sunburn with cocktails or making it through the day after with just sunglasses and Barroca for support.


 Will we go back to Mangerton House for a third-successive year in 2019? None of the 2017 or 2018 veterans would complain. Whatever the venue, the formula is simple: a great place to work produces great work. And that’s been working fine at BBD for 50+ years now….