As the bbd newbie, it’s my time to shine with the not so simple task of writing a blog post all about me.

When I say newbie, I have actually been at bbd since June 2021 but I’ve spent the whole time racking my brains about what I could write.

I thought I would write about the pandemic, but then thought everyone is probably tired of hearing the ‘P’ word, so that was scrapped.

I then thought I would write about me being Italian, well ¼ Italian, but thought the surname Calamari tends to give it away, and everyone would probably tire of hearing me talk about all the different types of pasta, so that was scrapped.

I then thought I would write about how I love living by the sea and being out on the water, but my recent experience on a paddleboard (and yes, I fell in, several times) didn’t warrant writing about, so that was scrapped.

Instead, I’ve decided that I am just here for the dogs, both in life and in the office. Mum to Basil Orlando Calamari, a beautiful yet crazy one year old cocker spaniel with the best hair-do in town. And I have decided that the best part of being back in the office, is the four-legged friends that come to brighten our day.

From the lovely Hugo, the main bbd boss, who, if you are lucky, will even say hello to you – Just don’t look him in the eye. To Mable, who you will find barking at the stuffed toys on the shelf, to last but not least, Bella – The sweetest girl of them all who’s now become my lunchtime buddy.

Lauren-Eve Calamari and Basil
Senior Account Director