After working through various internships post graduation and learning the harsh ways of “paid in experience”, 2021 has made it all tremendously worth it. Everyone has gone through their own hardships recently, but I feel extremely grateful to now be part of a team who have ticked all the boxes (and more) that a creative agency should. Despite the unusual circumstances, having only spent one day in the office after two months, everybody has done their upmost to introduce themselves and integrate me into the bbd way of living – and what a life it is! What would be a difficult initial period has run incredibly smoothly and I am extremely thankful to the whole team for such a warm welcome… you couldn’t ask for a nicer bunch.

Upon joining a new team, there is always the worry that you’ll be bombarded with alien new clients and chucked in the deep end from day one. This is not the case with bbd. People are more than happy to take time out of their day to teach the systems set in place, discuss any queries or explain the backstory to client briefs. I never feel uncomfortable to ask a question as I know it will be greatly welcomed rather than turned away.

After settling into the groove of daily morning banter and regular jovial quizzing, the work from home life has been made as pleasant as possible. Everyone may be spread miles apart, but I never feel disconnected or outside the circle. I’m not usually one to self analyse or reflect, however I’m a big fan of the 15five system we use. I can work on improvements for the following week or pat myself on the back for highlights that have happened over the current week. It may only take a short amount of time to fill in, but it really helps to progress week by week during this unusual period.

Now that we can see a light at the end of the Covid tunnel, I’m really looking forward to meeting the whole team. As much as we all enjoy a good zoom, I hope we can soon replace funky wallpapers with the backdrop of a beer garden this summer!

Rhuari Kirkwood