It was less than three months ago that I was offered the opportunity of an interview at BBD. I arrived full of hope, but I wasn’t confident that I would be offered a placement. My interview with Head Planner Karl didn’t get off to a great start. “Please excuse my pink hair,” I explained. “It just won’t wash out”. I thought I was doomed immediately but no, it turned out to be the beginning of a great new journey and 40 minutes later, I was told that the company would love to have me on the team.

Leading up to my first day I was terrified. I worried about what to wear, how to introduce myself and even how to say hello when I pressed the buzzer. I could never have imagined that in my last few days in the office, I would be running around with toothpaste on my face, wearing socks with sliders. It’s not a look that I would recommend to anyone else, you need to be a special sort of person to carry it off.

When I first arrived, I was greeted with a wonderful smile from Gill and then Account Director Ant gave me a tour so that I could meet everyone. I have never met such a warm and welcoming group of people before. From that moment, I have loved every single minute of working at Bright Blue Day.

To my surprise I finally met some people that share my sense of humour, something which I can happily say is very, very rare. People tell you that if you are lucky at work you may find another family, your work family, and that is exactly what has happened. After a couple of weeks I had a work mum, Sue, who helped me with everything from putting toothpaste on my spots to giving me advice. Now of course I’m leaving, I might be sad, but I am sure Alfie will be over the moon. He won’t have me running over to his desk everyday asking, “Alfie do you have anything I can do” or “Alfie I can’t remember how to use SEO, can you remind me”. Thank you, Alfie, for putting up with me, you are a hero.

I have learnt so much from my time working at Bright Blue Day. I may have got off to bad start, creating a Facebook page for ‘Montesuma USA’. Getting the spelling of Montezuma wrong wasn’t great but discovering that I wasn’t supposed to create the page in the first place was worse. I bounced back, though, developing my knowledge of how to use social media and working with clients such as Visa, Montezuma and Hammerson. I have also fully mastered how to use the office coffee machine; it took me a while, so I am tempted to put it down as a new skill on my CV. My appearance in the Bright Blue Day Weekly Tower Times will go down as a high point. I am willing to ignore the fact that the article focused on my 3mm spot covered with toothpaste.

I will really miss the whole working environment at the office and especially all the people I was able to work alongside such as Ant, Karl, Isobelle, Isabelle, Nick and Freddie. Thank you all so much for teaching me everything I have learnt over the past 2 months and I hope that I will be able to come back and visit soon.