I come from a background of working across a wide range of clients. This was across many types of markets and brands. Going from a situation like that to only working with one specific client was very exciting. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was happy to take on the challenge. To be able to have a deeper bond between you and your client was something I felt that I was missing before. Was it going to be easier, or was I in for a real challenge?

I know now that one client does not mean it’s all going to be the same. Every day is different, with new and exciting challenges every second.

But, is it really just one though?

One client can have more than 30 different markets, and every one has different needs and personalities. Before, I used to think that the best way of dealing with your client’s demands was to share your knowledge across different brands. Whilst that’s still true, there are so many more opportunities when you gain the full trust of a client. You get the chance to devote yourself 100% to their needs, and I have even found that you almost start thinking in the same way. Who knew one client could have some many different aspects to it?

When you look at a client, the main goal is to build up the relationship, so that in the end, you know the client almost better than they know themselves. Your client and you must have mutual trust. This can only come from truly dedicating yourself, your time and your knowledge to make sure the client feels that you live and breathe for them as much as they do.

I have found that that the key is simple; devotion equals knowledge.

  • Expertise: Make sure you know as much as possible about your client, and about the employees you are communicating with
  • Dedication: The more time you invest in a client, the bigger the reward
  • Interaction: Communication is key in every client relationship
  • Find opportunities: Knowing your client means you can help them find opportunities before they think of them
  • Be the asset: Aim to become an indispensable asset to your client OR an extension of your client’s team
  • Work together: Make sure you and your client are working together, and share the same vision and goals

So, why is just one better?

Whilst you get to build a relationship with every aspect of your client, you quickly learn not just the culture difference, and that each market is unique. All your knowledge across markets can be collected from all the aspects of just one client. Whilst working with one client who has multiple markets, you have the ability to gain a true understanding of the client’s full values. You can take what you have learned from one market, and use that knowledge to promote multiple markets.

bbd is all about relevance, and by looking at a client from different perspectives, you gain more chance of being innovative, accurate, and most of all, representing your client’s needs.

And finally, sharing is caring!

Something really important that I have learned is that being part of a team with so much dedication to our client, there is so much you can learn from just watching your colleagues work. Their knowledge is truly priceless. I work in a team where some have been with the client for years, and some are newer. Together, our team is unique, with a perfect balance of experience and creativity. You get the true deep understanding from the ones who have been there longer, whilst you get innovative and creative ideas from newcomers, just like me!

Over the past month, I have come to love my client. The experience has been incredible, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!

Lisa Sendrén
Senior Account Executive