Write a blog post, write a blog post…

Blog post, bloggy, posty, bloggy post. Hmmm. What do I say? Where do I start? I have no idea.

I could talk about how these last months have been the most intense I’ve had in many years, or I could talk about how incredibly fast its whizzed by. Seriously, I feel like I started yesterday.

There’s been so much to do and It feels like I’ve gotten none of it done but that can’t be true because nobody has complained or had the ‘chat’. At my final, very last minute interview which I had absolutely nothing prepared for, I was warned advised about the extremities of workload: the ‘feast and famine’ (thanks Jamie) that comes and goes and he wasn’t wrong. It’s been a rollercoaster of mega highs and slightly smaller mega highs. To be honest, it’s been wild so far and I’m having so much fun.

Anyway, someone let me know if they have an idea for a blog post?

Tristan Casey
Motion Graphic Designer