How can it have been that long and I STILL don’t know what to write?

On my first day, the Imposter Syndrome was real. The anxiety of performing in my first real job in the design industry was sometimes too much. Every new project that came in, I approached with full force. I wanted to succeed, to impress but also just… not f*ck it up.
Which I did.
A lot.

Now on my last day I have realised another level of Imposter Syndrome.

Imposter Syndrome 2.0 – Now with added anxiety! Or “Are you even important enough to have imposter syndrome?”.

For real though, it’s been emotional. You are all lovely, talented people with whom it was a privilege to work and I suppose that’s why you got the job… as well as being able to do the job itself. Although, Laurence exists, so all bets are off.

As am I.

Kindest regards


P.S I’ve left £10 taped under one of your desks. Bye

Tristan Casey
Junior Motion Graphic Designer