Campaign for
better gifts

A social lead generation campaign driving sales of Montezuma’s chocolate as a gift in the run up to Father’s Day.


Montezuma’s produce exquisite artisanal chocolate from a factory in Chichester. The business has grown from a family-run kitchen table venture to a global, million-pound operation. In the lead-up to Father’s Day, Montezuma’s wanted to drive online sales during a normally quieter period, as well as build up a more comprehensive digital profile of its online consumer base. Father’s day is also traditionally a lower spend time for consumers, especially when compared to Mother’s Day so driving significant sales was a big challenge.


Montezuma’s asked bbd to activate a social media campaign on Instagram and Facebook to promote chocolate as a Father’s Day gift.


Father’s Day spend is lower and searches start closer to the event than those for Mother’s Day. Gifts tend to be less thought out and focus on the same old uninspired last minute gift ideas of socks, golf balls or a bottle of booze. Father’s Day is meant to be about showing your dad that you care. Doesn’t dad deserve better?


bbd mined Facebook’s audience analysis tools to identify key market segments and created a set of social media ads that were served in the weeks leading up to the final ordering day before Father’s Day. Because end of financial year budget was limited, low-performing ads were turned off quickly and insights used to boost those that were converting most.


The campaign drove over 1k visitors to the site in under 2 weeks, drove a significant number of directly attributable sales and helped Montezuma’s dramatically increase their YOY sales.