Brand Video

The challenge


Nourish are a care management software company whose brand proposition is to ‘redefine what it means to care better’. In a competitive  market place, they wanted to produce a hero asset they could leverage across their social channels, both organic and paid, that brought to life their proposition and core pillars in an emotive and engaging way.


Looking at their competitors, we felt that there was a disconnect between care management software providers and the emotional benefits to carers and patients alike which is where the Nourish brand video was born from.


The creative team’s task in hand was a challenge, as when faced with stock footage, often finding the perfect blend of emotion, executed naturally and in a care environment is difficult to do, with stock footage often feeling staged.


The approach


We needed to adapt the stock material in a way that aligned with Nourish’s brand through being emotive and authentic whilst bringing to life the challenges in the care sector. We aimed to pick out stock video that celebrated care and captured joy, not just showing a care worker throughout their duties. We also made sure to include footage that showcased different types of care like supported living and not just residential. We managed to reduce the stock imagery coming across as fake and obtained a ‘natural feel’ through music, editing and carefully crafted messaging. 


We needed to make sure that we didn’t come across as patronizing to the care providers. We wanted to show that Nourish allowed the carers to ‘care better’ with the implementation of the software and not that they needed to provide ‘better care’. We did this through the simple messaging of ‘redefining what it means to care better’. This changes the angle from ‘care better’ as a functional output to ‘better care’, a more emotive offering.


The outcome

Throughout 2021, we saw across all channels a 273% year on year increase in leads. The video performed exceptionally well with high View-through and Click-through rates producing large engaged audience pools for retargeting and converting. The Click-through rates for the ads at the TOF and MOF are 3.8%-5% which is outstanding as over 1% is considered good, over 2% excellent.

The video itself had over 2.1million video views to 75% and an average video view time of 00:12 on Facebook.