Snow Software

Brand and
Website Design

Snow Software came to us as a world-leading Software Asset Management service with a problem. Because of the furious speed at which technology was transforming software, along with the growing threat of shadow IT, Snow urgently needed to position itself not simply as a business partner but as a market thought-leader. In order to demonstrate to customers that the company was at the crest of the new wave of distributed IT, Software as a Service, and complex digital environments, Snow required a brand refresh, strategic overhaul, and fresh approach to content creation.

Bbd performed a thorough content audit and audience analysis exercise, followed by a brand messaging workshop to refine content creation around a clear set of relevant pain points. This led to a new website launch, brand refresh with a more powerful, disruptive tagline. Momentum was sustained with a series of sprints to generate content as part of an awareness and lead generation campaign. These were distributed across social media channels and email to engage key audience personas at ITDM level.