Selling Visa
in Harrods

In the summer of 2019, our long-standing client Visa contacted us with a challenge. Visa were launching a campaign to target overseas shoppers visiting Harrods, with a reminder that paying with Visa was the simplest, easiest and most secure way to shop in store. The creative solution would have to compete with a dazzling in-store experience. It would be a single digital display vying for attention with ambitious multi-media installations, not to mention some of the world’s most exclusive fashion and jewellery brands spread across more than a million square feet. In short, we had to come up with something big, bold and aspirational.

bbd launched into a frenzy of creative brainstorming, prop sourcing, photography, animation and design. The result was a teddy bear, a card, and a simple tagline. These posters were placed at Harrods and at the arrival terminals at Heathrow airport, ready to welcome visitors from the Middle East and Far East with a message that was human, personal and steeped in the values of both Visa and Harrods.