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We are an independent agency, established over 58 years ago. Our Chairman’s father started our journey as a graphics house. Since then we have braved every industry revolution, from print and digital to integrated and experiential.

With confidence and agility, we have thrived and built an agency for today’s contemporary landscape, standing on the shoulders of giants and leading the charge for our clients.

Our clients range from challenger brands to global superbrands and many of them have been with us for several years. Our longevity in such a transient industry is due to our approach, which has always been the same.

We build our skills, services and teams around our clients’ requirements and we work relentlessly to become invaluable to them. Constantly pushing ourselves to be better and never underestimating the importance of delivering awesome every day.

Our Clients


We believe if there is one word that marketeers should be obsessed with, it’s Relevance. Sure…growth, ROI, transformation and purpose are all very topical buzz words. But we think they’re just spin-offs, spiralling around the source of success.

So, if you are struggling for growth or purpose, it might be time to refocus your attention on Relevance.

Consumers have never before had so much choice, and with instant access to a world of information, there are infinite possibilities available to them. But this isn’t always a good thing. Consumers are drowning in information and brands are struggling to attain and maintain their attention.

We use a blend of psychology and technology to create a relevance framework. It starts with an intimate understanding of your audience, their world, their journey and touch points with your brand.

We then map every micro-moment and develop messaging frameworks around these moments, ensuring our messaging moves with your audience through the journey. With moments and messages defined, we develop creative platforms that allow us to engage them with rich, smart and beautifully crafted creative.

Then we shatter our work into formats, experiences and channels to ensure wherever your audience is, your brand is present. At the right time, saying the right thing, in the right place.

We call it Relentless Relevance. And it has the power to change your marketing forever.

Our Approach

We are people watchers. People are just fascinating to us. What they do, why they do it, how they do it. It’s this attention to our clients and their audiences that gives us the edge.

It’s not about us, it’s about you. We believe to truly make a difference, we must understand your world.

We take briefs and drill down not only into what you know about your product or service, but what your audience thinks, feels and does. Do they care? If they do, why? If not, how can we make it relevant to them?

We approach this without using buzz words or superfluous diagrams (although we have a few). We do this by walking the floor, working beside you, at your desk, with your customers. Getting under the skin of everything you do.

Once we have gained an intimate knowledge of you and a true insight on your customers, we can then start to create relevance at a relentless pace. Aligning ideas, campaigns, objectives and output with speed and efficiency. One team working together to craft something beautiful, smart and truly engaging. Experiences that are a joy to work on and a joy to behold.

Our Values


We are an independent agency, created by the beliefs of the people that live and breathe Bright Blue Day. One team of many voices.

We believe it takes very little to nod your head, but that it’s a lot harder to raise your hand. We encourage debate and reward new thinking with each other, and with our clients.


We embrace the ‘un-cool’ title of full-service agency and pride ourselves on our ability to adjust multiple teams to the economics of projects and specific scopes, flexing across lots of marketing activity. But don’t be fooled – we invest in mastering our most highly demanded skills; high concept, brand creative, media strategy and technical innovation.

We rely on our own time and energy to hone these skills. Championing those who lead with passion and an enterprising desire to, quite frankly, know it all.


Fearlessly authentic means we say what we believe. We are human in our approach and bring our whole emotive, passionate and honest selves to the corporate table.

We know how to deliver against ASAPs, and we never want to hear the word “disappointed”. We appreciate when humour is needed, and when the weekend chat isn’t, and we still believe in working those long ‘agency hours’ when the job demands it (alongside the drinks trolley!).

Our People

Energetic, passionate and determined are just a few of the traits of Bright Blue Day people. We are naturally curious and our success is based on your happiness.

Below is the good and great here. Those who craft beautiful code, design frictionless experiences, consult business challenges into submission and manage client relationships like kindred spirits.

Welcome to the Bright Blue Day team.

  • Managing Director

    Laurence Cornwall-Watkins

  • Managing Director

    Jessica Williams

  • Creative and Content

    Liam Forrest

  • Gavin Grissett

    Creative and Content

    Gavin Grissett

  • Karl Littleboy

    Digital Planning and Performance

    Karl Littleboy

  • Development

    Tony Gayter

  • Martin Felton

    Creative and Content

    Martin Felton

  • Mags Czwarnos

    Client Services

    Mags Czwarnos

  • Lauren-Eve Calamari

    Client Services

    Lauren-Eve Calamari

  • Anthony Newsom

    Digital Planning and Performance

    Anthony Newsom

  • Jamie White-Reed


    Jamie White-Reed

  • Sarah Compton

    Creative and Content

    Sarah Compton

  • Susan Gibbins

    Client Services

    Susan Gibbins

  • Luis Berti


    Luis Berti

  • Oliver Gear

    Creative and Content

    Oliver Gear

  • Josie McLachlan

    Client Services

    Josie McLachlan

  • Aidan Grant

    Client Services

    Aidan Grant

  • Charlie Bull


    Charlie Bull

  • Pompee Kalita

    Digital Planning and Performance

    Pompee Kalita

  • Fabio Costa

    Client Services

    Fabio Costa

  • Conor Earley

    Client Services

    Conor Earley

  • Tim Ellson


    Tim Ellson

  • Cleo Symes

    Client Services

    Cleo Symes

  • Thomas Clapham


    Thomas Clapham

  • Rhuari Kirkwood

    Creative and Content

    Rhuari Kirkwood

  • David Whittaker

    Client Services

    David Whittaker

  • Grace Reeves

    Creative and Content

    Grace Reeves

  • Bobby Beardwell


    Bobby Beardwell

  • Amy Samarawira

    Client Services

    Amy Samarawira

  • Dan Letch

    Creative and Content

    Dan Letch

  • Douglas Monon


    Douglas Monon

  • Dan Strugnell

    Digital Planning and Performance

    Dan Strugnell

  • Estela Silva

    Client Services

    Estela Silva

  • Hristo Hristov


    Hristo Hristov

  • Ines Avery

    Client Services

    Ines Avery

  • Louna Raad

    Digital Planning and Performance

    Louna Raad

  • Stefan Brynard


    Stefan Brynard