AI am coming for your designers

So. Will AI mean I need to rethink my career?

Buckle up, designers of the world! We're about to deep dive into graphic design in 2024, and guess who's crashing the party? Yep, you guessed it – artificial intelligence.

So, let's talk about how AI is gonna shake things up in ways that might relegate your Pantone swatch book to the archive of creative curios.

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12th March 2024

1. Robo-assistants for the boring stuff

Say goodbye to resizing images and formatting layouts. AI is here to be your personal design lackey. It'll handle the mind-numbingly boring tasks, whilst you sip your cold brew and ponder the mysteries of the creative universe. More time for you to wonder why Comic Sans is still a thing.


2. Generative design: Because great layouts are hard

AI's getting all creative, generating design concepts based on some vague parameters you throw its way. It's like having a design intern that doesn't need coffee breaks and won't steal your snacks. Brace yourself for a flood of "inspired" designs, courtesy of our algorithmic overlords.


3. Personalized UX: AI stalking, but make it look good

AI is about to become your wingman in creating designs that practically whisper sweet nothings into your audience's ears. Get ready for personalised experiences that'll make users think you've been creeping on their social media profiles. It's not creepy; it's called being design-savvy.


4. AR integration: Design, but trippier

AI and augmented reality are teaming up to create designs that mess with reality itself. Imagine your designs jumping out of screens and slapping people in the face (metaphorically, of course). We're talking interactive packaging, virtual try-ons, and a whole new level of "Whoa, dude, is this even real?"


5. Chillin' with AI: Your new design BFF

AI's not here to steal your thunder. It's more like that chill friend who throws in suggestions, predicts trends, and just generally vibes with your creativity. Get ready for a collaborative relationship that feels like brainstorming with a robot sidekick. You might even call it RoboRadical, perhaps?


6. Font and layout wizardry: The enhanced edition

Typography and layout design are getting a futuristic makeover. AI will suggest font combos that make you look like a genius and optimise layouts for maximum eye-catching glory. It's like having a typography-savvy genie in your MacBook, granting design wishes with a click.


7. The AI ethics chat: More drama than a design studio

As AI takes center stage, so do its ethical concerns. Brace yourself for debates on bias, privacy, and whether AI is plotting world domination through design. It's not all rainbows and unicorns: we've got some real talk about using this tech responsibly. Designers, consider yourselves the ethics police of the digital realm.

Is my job secure in this AI fiesta?

Now, here's the real talk: Does this AI invasion make us graphic design rockstars quiver in our creative boots? Well, not really. As long as we keep our eyes on the ethical compass and stay ahead of the design curve, we're still the maestros orchestrating this visual symphony. So, raise a glass to the next wave of graphic design – it's gonna be a bumpy, AI-fueled ride, but hey, who said design was ever boring? Cheers to staying relevant, staying creative, and not letting the robots steal our thunder!*

*The opinions and views expressed in this blog are entirely subjective and do not necessarily reflect those of bbd and its employees. This author was AI, FYI.

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