It’s Toni here again, and after six months yes, I am leaving BBD. A company like BBD is difficult to leave, but at the same time, we should be consistent with ourselves right?

Six months ago, I decided to take a huge risk and leave behind my background as a Digital Marketer to accept a full-time graphic designer role. The experience has been fantastic and I have no complaints. I learned so much and to have worked in such an amazing working-environment has been a wonderful experience. However, I have never wanted to lie to myself, so in these six months I also had time to understand that maybe this was not exactly what I was looking after all.

If you have to ask yourself every day whether or not you did it right, you will find you already have the answer.

I do not have enough time to thank everybody for the support I have received from everyone at BBD since I started here. I can certainly say I’ve seen the best management structure and the best company culture that I have ever worked in, and that’s something that is very important if you’re doing what you enjoy and want to progress in your career.

Anyway, taking risks is always challenging, but it will never be a failure if things don’t go as expected, it will be an amazing learning experiences like this has been.

I am convinced BBD and its people have a brilliant future ahead of them, and I am sure I will see you around.

All the best,


Antonio Gonzalez
Junior Creative