We love a 50/50 split ad as much as the next person. We have used them in the past as an effective creative solution. And there are some cracking executions out there. But lately, they seem to be everywhere! Some good, some bad, some downright ugly. And we started wondering why. So, in recognition of this (sometimes overused) advertising execution, we penned a little ditty.

When you need a concept for
The latest client brief,
You grab a pad and take a seat,
Heart full of self-belief.

But as the hours tick cruelly by
And thoughts just don’t ignite,
You need to know you’ve got a plan
To get you out the shite.

So take your page and draw a line
Right down the bloody middle.
Now you’ve got two spaces
In which to bloody fiddle.

On the left, you put the stuff
That shows that life’s a miss.
On the right, utopia
Of post brand-purchase bliss.

‘Before and after’ works quite well
Or ‘country vs city’
Or ‘then and now’ or ‘old and new’
Or ‘flashy vs shitty’.

This trick is called a split screen.
It’s always worth a punt.
Look around, you’ll see it done
By every other ****.

So when you’re doing concepts
But all you’re drawing is a blank,
Draw a split-screen line instead.
You know it’s in the bank.

Sarah Compton
Head of Copy
Liam Forrest
Creative Director