Hello there! I’m Robert, or Rob, one of the new creative interns at bbd!

I recently finished my degree in Graphic Design, having studied at Arts University Bournemouth. After which I was lucky enough to start at bbd as a creative intern. Only a week before my graduation as well! Going almost straight from uni into the working world, well with a quick break in Barcelona, was a change of scenery for sure, and whilst some might have preferred a long summer break, I think I made the right choice. Have you seen the weather this summer!

Nice view, right?

A little bit about me…

Despite studying and continuing to live in Bournemouth, I wasn’t always a local to the coastline. I grew up in Farnborough, a town in the north of Hampshire. highlights include its aviation routes and subsequent airshow, made possible by the private airport that nobody in the town can afford to use. Despite that, having Red Arrows, Typhoons and private jets fly over my house on a semi-regular basis isn’t something many people can say, so the airport has its benefits I guess.

Until starting university, I had lived in Farnborough all my life. Growing up on the local football fields, getting my A-levels and even working in the local pub, I know that town like the back of my hand. It is home to my incredibly supportive family, consisting of my parents and brother, as well as my two cats, who are undoubtedly the primary reason I go home. Only joking, but not really. 

My interest in graphic design was born in Farnborough, but the designer I am now was made here in Bournemouth. University was a great experience, but one that wasn’t without its challenges (Covid being a big one). I had to work hard to prove to myself that I had the ability to create work I could be proud of, as sometimes I can be my own worst enemy. In my third year, I was driven to prove my self doubts wrong and learn to become more reflective, resilient and a well rounded designer. I ended university as a D&AD newblood pencil winner, which is the greatest achievement I could have ever asked for, it still feels like a dream!

My time at University taught me a lot, and not just about design. I will forever value my time and experience, mainly cause I’ll be paying it off for the next 30 years but oh well.

How I got here, and why bbd? 

So how did I get here? Well I walked…

I first became aware of bbd through a networking event at the end of my second year at University, having the opportunity to meet Gavin and Rhu from the creative team and present them some of my work, as well as being able to ask them questions about what sort of work they produce here at bbd.

Fast forward a year, and with my vastly improved portfolio, I received news that a creative intern role was going. It was an immediate yes in my mind, purely based on my brief but positive encounter at the networking event and seeing the quality of the work produced. It also allowed me the chance to stay in Bournemouth which I was keen on. I applied, two interviews followed, failing to hide my nerves but successful in landing the role!

Currently, at the time of writing, I am just short of two months with the team and it’s been a great introduction into the creative industry! Everyone at the company has been incredibly welcoming, and the office has an inclusive, collective and positive atmosphere everyday. I have been able to see how the creative team works first hand, helping to work across a range of clients and growing my abilities as a designer.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else I will get stuck into and want to continue to improve my knowledge of the creative industry during my internship.

So that’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed my blog, thanks for reading!

Robert Pearce
Creative Intern