Hi, my name is Millie, another ‘ee’ ending name. I am the new kid on the block, here on a short-term loan from Exeter uni. The three weeks I have been here so far have been dynamic. Everyday is different, from cost plans to photo shoots, to navigating my way around Tesco with a hefty shopping list, most of which being booze- and realising at the checkout that I do not have my ID present. Not my finest moment.

Everyone at bbd is lovely and there is a great balance between work and bad chat. I have particularly enjoyed being #ClassicQuiz Master. My friends and family like to ask questions such as ‘are you having fun making tea and coffee?’. While yes, I have learnt how everyone likes their tea, I have also been doing real life work things too.

Small talk:

Outside of work I enjoy sports, my favourite is kitesurfing. I spend most of my free time on, or in, the sea. I love music and enjoy attending events and festivals. According to Spotify, my most listened to artist is Loyle Carner. I am an anti-fast fashion advocate, but that is a topic for another day. I bet this reads like a GCSE French speaking exam.

Medium talk:

Now you know my life story, I am going to propose something that I thought up when I first joined bbd.

The bag analogy

Suppose in front of you is a genie with two bags: one designer and the other unbranded. Both bags are exactly the same in appearance, quality, and value. You can have one… which would you choose?

I believe that most would choose the designer bag.

Now imagine a world where you are the only person that exists- which would you choose now? Would you care?

I believe now, you would be indifferent between the two bags. Without society, designer items are based on their true functional value.

For me, this realisation that a large amount of decisions we make are pre-decided for us by society was interesting. Not just what we wear, but what we say, what jobs we pursue, what lives we lead ect…

I believe it takes a strong person to break this mold, and it is clear to me that bbd is full of these people, confirming that I have certainly landed with the right bag.

All in all, I am so grateful to bbd for taking me in when a placement year was looking unlikely. Like a seed planted in the wild, I’m looking forward to seeing how I can grow. Or like a genie with 2 bags, looking forward to seeing what good decisions I can make.

Peace x

Millie Aldridge
Placement Student