A little background on my high-flying bird anecdote: I used to work as an air hostess, hopping from one country to the next, always experiencing new destinations and cultures. My passion for travel has taken me to the skies, but my passion for marketing has brought me back to the ground and to the lovely coastal town of Bournemouth.

I enrolled at Bournemouth University to pursue my master’s degree in digital marketing. My hope was to enjoy my university life in the UK, well, half study and half nightlife if I’m being honest… I was so excited, and I still remember my first day at university. I went there for a week, and then suddenly university closed due to the pandemic with only virtual classes available.

As nightlife was out of the question, I began looking for other opportunities and was able to join a small home improvement company and oversee their entire digital media offering. In addition, I was able to secure an internship with a reputable marketing agency in Bournemouth which allowed me to gain real-world experience and add a wide range of skills to my portfolio. So, instead of spending time enjoying the UK, I found myself immersed in virtual study with multiple assignments, one digital marketing job, and an internship all at the same time! It’s been a busy year but getting a job at bbd made it all worthwhile and has given me a huge sense of accomplishment.

Life at bbd

My first two weeks were filled with emotions: joy, pride, anxiety, wine, and determination. After meeting my colleagues and management team, my anxiety quickly subsided. So far, I’ve found the work I’ve been assigned to be challenging and interesting, with that obligatory small dash of stress, which is easing as I learn more about my job.

Whilst I enjoy working remotely, I can’t wait to return to the office and work with my colleagues and new friends (hopefully) in person. I’d like to sneak a peek around the office, especially my desk and possibly kit it out with a desk plant. I’m not sure if there’s a microwave in the office kitchen yet but if there is (please accept my apologies), I’d like to reheat the previous night’s curry – don’t worry, I’ll share. They are always better the next day.
They say you spend more time at work with your colleagues than with your family and friends, and when I met my colleagues (albeit online) at bbd, I hit the jackpot. They are welcoming and friendly, and I believe they will be a fun group to hang out with once the pubs open properly.

I’m looking forward to meeting all of them and being part of the bbd family.

Pompee Kalita

Pompee Kalita
Performance Manager and Content Editor