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Bournemouth is now on the Grid!

What links Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest and Bournemouth?

That would be On the Grid, the neighbourhood guide for (and by) Creatives. Currently hosting 107 cities around the world, and showing all the best independent places to eat, drink, shop and visit, On the Grid was created by Hyperakt, a design studio from Brooklyn.

I discovered the site while planning some city breaks around Europe. Each city is divided into neighbourhoods, showing all the best little hidden gems that you may otherwise miss. From cultural spots to bars, each location features a review, photos and a pin on the city map.

Curated by Creatives

Each city has a creative agency as an ambassador who curates a neighbourhood within. Other neighbourhoods can then be assigned to other agencies to look after.

Here at Bright Blue Day, we’re excited to tell the world about Bournemouth. We contacted Hyperakt and were delighted to be assigned as Bournemouth ambassadors. We are curating our favourite haunts in Central Bournemouth, which encompasses the Triangle and Square. We have a few places live on the site and are adding more imminently.


Showcasing Bournemouth

All of us at BBD love where we live on the sunny South Coast and we want to shout about this amazing place we call home. Our studio is right bang in the middle of the town and we wanted to get involved and have a point of view on the best places around us. 

Whether it’s ice skating at the Christmas market, a team lunch of beer and burgers, a cheeky haircut or having a client meeting off site in our favourite coffee shops and after work drinks, the world needs to know.

We are looking for local creative agencies to be curators for other neighbourhoods like Boscombe and Westbourne. If that sounds like a task you’d like to take on, get in touch.