Hey, thank you for reading my blog post! I am Fabio Costa, I am Portuguese (more specifically from the best city in the world, Porto) and I am proudly the new member of the bbd family.

Wow, it still feels like a dream, I feel privileged to have joined an agency with such a good vibe.

Exactly 18 months ago, when I decided to leave Portugal, leaving my friends, family, and girlfriend behind, to come to the UK and do my master’s degree in digital marketing management, I was far from imagining that even before finishing my master’s I would have a work opportunity like this in this wonderful city. This experience adds another purpose to my journey.

From me, bbd can expect Cristiano Ronaldo’s winning mindset, Jose Mourinho’s critical spirit, and an eye for business like Jorge Mendes. Should I mention all of them are Portuguese?

Fun facts about me:

  • I crashed my father’s car on my first day with my driver’s license, it was the fault of a wall that was very close.
  • I e-scooter to work everyday and as you know it’s “illegal” to do this in the UK. So if I’m ever late for work you will know why.
  • I have a German Shepherd named Lance Armstrong, amazingly he also only has one testicle!
  • Don’t ask me why, but my friends and family call me different names. As I am Fabio Daniel, some call me Fabio, others Daniel, and others Dani.
  • I have been attacked by a monkey on a trip I took to Morocco (don’t trust the tour guides, they are the first to flee if a monkey wants to attack you)
  • I love to rhyme in Portuguese, unfortunately, I don’t have that gift in English, but I can try when the Aruba Team reaches the objectives for the year ahead.
  • I played handball for 10 years. Was I good? No, but I was happy.
  • I hated ironing, but oddly enough this is one of the few things that calms me down.
  • I’m very patriotic and I love watching the national team play with my friends, especially when Portugal wins.

What I like most:

  • Traveling with my partner in crime, there is nothing that makes me feel more alive.
  • Having a table full of friends eating and drinking
  • Listen to a good argument. I may lose the discussion, but if I hear a good argument, I’ve won the day.
  • Watching movies and reading books that I can think about for the rest of the day
  • Video calls with family (It makes me feel calm and makes me feel that even 1088 km away they are close to me).

What I do not like:

  • I don’t like English slang, maybe because my brain has to work 3 times harder to try to decipher it.
  • I don’t like conformism and negativism, I distance myself from people with bad energy
  • I don’t tolerate lack of empathy and selfishness.

What made me choose bbd:

The work culture, the facilities bbd has, the people, the fantastic way my interview process was conducted, and all the benefits bbd provides to its employees.

Fábio Dias Costa
Account Executive