#Caravanlife - Bright Blue Day



Towergate Insurance group are what you might call a ‘sleeping giant’ in that they’re one of those huge companies you’ve probably never heard of. They offer over 200 kinds of policy, supported by over 4,000 staff at more than 100 offices – and work with people like Axa, RSA and Aviva. Yet because they deal largely through brokers, they haven’t tended to go in for the type of customer-facing ad campaigns you’ll see from thewell-known insurers.

We’ve been working with Towergate on some of their Broker activity, so when their specialist Caravan insurance division needed to do their first direct campaign, they were happy to task us with the challenge.

And what a challenge

They needed to target their database of lapsed customers – owners of static caravans. Initially briefed as DM, it soon became apparent that with no means of getting an up to date address list, posting out in the traditional sense was not going to work. Our challenge was to find a way to target prospective customers and build the database back up.


The most effective way to do so was to use targeted Facebook advertising. But in order to resonate with potential customers and stand out from the competition, the ads had to engage with customers at a far deeper level than the traditional, product led messaging of old.

Connecting with caravanners

To inform our creative we looked into the reasons for owning and enjoying a static caravan. The common thread was that it’s a lifestyle choice which people feel very emotionally connected to, regardless of their background or walk of life. So, owners might enjoy their van’s proximity to coast or countryside. They might enjoy the park community itself and the friends they make. They might just enjoy the fact it allows them to escape from the norm, sharing time with friends and family. Put simply, it offers them all a way of life which they feel needs protecting in the best possible way.

The creative concept

Building on this insight, our creative execution uses a simple mechanic of a static caravan window which frames evocative ‘moments’. The headlines play on the emotional connection to deliver a simple, compelling message – that thanks to Towergate you can continue to enjoy the life you love.


Targeting the right people

We used Towergate’s own customer insights alongside YouGov profiling techniques to define key sentiments and motivations for our audience. As well as targeting those who ‘like’ the Towergate Caravan Insurance page, we also created lookalike audiences, and one based on caravan interests and overlaid with Towergate demographic data. With the campaign live just over a week, the initial results look very good.