In March this year, I was unfortunately let go from the job I was doing and left with no idea of what job I was going to find. As you can imagine this was pretty stressful but I’m not the type to stay out of work for long so I went on the search for what was next. I was endlessly scrolling through Linkedin when a friend of mine reposted a job advert for an Account Executive role at Bright Blue Day, so I applied. I then spoke to my friend about what it was like to work at BBD and she told me the incredible things that they were involved in and what an amazing team they were.

I wangled myself an interview and much to my surprise I managed to impress the team enough to get a job offer, even with zero agency experience! Never underestimate the power of potential, because I believe BBD took a chance on me because they saw potential for growth and I admire them for that. And I wasn’t going to let them down. I’d made up my mind that for as long as I was a part of this passionate and hardworking team, I would match that same energy and I hit the ground running! 

But sadly, my time at BBD has come to an end and as I move on to the next chapter in this story called life, I would like to share a few things that I learnt that I’ll be taking away with me moving forward.

You can do anything if you set your mind to it! #candoattitude

If you would have told me I would have spent the last 4 months running 32 Visa market websites I would have looked at you like you were losing it. But because of the encouragement and support of my team members, what would have once seemed impossible became my everyday routine. The first time I was left to manage the Visa account by myself, I had a mini cardiac arrest and then I gave myself a Beyoncé pep talk: “Girl, you are smart, you are strong – you are irreplaceable, so let’s make lemonade!” And after that day, I learned to take everything in my stride.

Mistakes are inevitable, learn from them and don’t repeat them! #lifelessons

The first time I missed a project timeline or some vital information it felt like my world was imploding, I remember coming to tell my account director and being terrified only to be met with compassion and solutions – she was helping me to learn from this mistake. I love that here at BBD they give you room to fly but if you fall they help you pick yourself back up, dust off and keep going. Life is too long to never make mistakes but the key is to view them as lessons you can learn from. It’s all about growth, how much can you grow from your mistakes and successes? I’ll forever keep asking myself that question.

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It’s always better done together! #BBDassemble

This team will always have a special place in my heart – working is just so much easier when you have such a stellar team behind you who want you to succeed just as much as you want them to succeed because at the end of the day a BBD victory is one for all! I’m going to miss Gill’s daily quizzes (brought out my competitive streak), waving at CS team members from across the desk just because, Friday drinks and chats, racing to meeting rooms to beat other team members, trying to understand developer coding languages and most especially I’m going to miss my Visa Dream Team.

In summary, this season of my life has been a blessing, BBD reached out a hand when I needed one the most and allowed me to join in their big adventure. I like to describe my time here as being strapped into a rollercoaster and learning that sometimes you need to enjoy the ride, let go, throw your hands in the air and scream, because stressing out and holding onto the handle bars only gets you sore hands. The culture that BBD have in the workplace is second to none, and it has truly been a privilege to be a part of it. Just because I’m leaving doesn’t mean I’m gone forever and I hope that I can carry on the friendships I have made here.

P.s. thank you for making my dream of becoming a meme come true ☺