From the countryside to the seaside

Hiya! I’m Dulcie (which is pronounced ‘dul-see’ and means ‘sweet’) and I’m the new Junior Designer at BBD. I began writing this in spare moments from week one, and the fact that I’m finishing this in week 5 proves how busy I’ve been right from the start (or possibly how slow I am at writing). Last year I graduated from Loughborough University – studying Graphic Communication and Illustration – and after every creative’s right of passage in the service industry, I’m lucky enough to find myself here.

Why Design.

I have always been story crazy, and for me that’s what design is – thinking of cool and clever ways you can tell someone a story. I am happiest when I’m creating, so it was a revelation when I was 13, attending an art-club at my local college, and our host for the week (a graphic designer) taught me I could make a living doing what I love! 

I’ve experimented with just about anything creative I can get my hands on: building miniature stop-motion sets, 3D digital modeling, book binding, life drawing, special effects makeup, prop making, etc. 

I’m always buzzing with the next creative project I want to undertake.


Through work experience and freelance illustration for a design agency back home in Somerset, I fell in love with agency life: the varied days, the constant challenge of trying new things, and the buzz of working towards a deadline together. After several long months post graduation doing work experience during the day, waitressing in the evenings and applying for design agency jobs at night, I finally got a call from bbd. I’ve peaked into a few offices in the past and felt how much of a difference working in a good (and not so good) environment makes. So, when I first stepped inside the office for my interview I felt like I’d hit the jackpot: nice people, a healthy social calendar, dogs, and a 10 minute walk to the beach. Of course, this significantly upped the stakes of how much I wanted the job, but thankfully I got a call the day after my interview.

A little bit about me:

  • If I’m not here I’m probably painting or reading (currently enjoying Vicious by V.E. Schwab and would highly recommend)
  • I’ve made graphic props for a Netflix superhero show and 3D modelled Victorian buildings that pop up in the background of an Emma Stone film
  • I can’t keep indoor plants alive but am pretty good at growing hardier stuff outside – I’m especially proud of my pumpkin growing skills and have experimented with green ones, stripy ones and white ‘ghost’ pumpkins
  • I love being by the sea, whether that's coastal walks in the rain or braving the water on New Year's Day


Thought I might round this off by completely stealing Callum’s idea and ending with some recommendations of cool media/ bits of inspiration I’ve found recently:

Good Film – Anatomy of a Fall by Justine Triet

Good Book – 'The invisible life of Addie la Rue' by V.E. Schwab

Good exhibition – Small is Beautiful: the UK’s biggest miniature art exhibition


Thanks for reading!