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Direct Mail redesign to attract portfolio landlords

Towergate has been running an awareness campaign among landlords to establish itself as the place to go for professional property insurance advice and to arrange the right income and investment protection cover for the best possible price.

On top of their online proposition, Towergate also have a designated offline team who deal with all telephone enquiries. To support these, an operational Direct Mail is sent out on a monthly basis to the database of landlords who have quoted with Towergate in the past (or lapsed). However, the mail design was a bit dated and key messages weren’t standing out as much as they would like to.

The DM refresh brief came to BBD on the back of the latest research they’ve done across their audiences. This revealed that they expect good price, expect to cover the building and liability towards tenants and worry about threats to their investment. 48% of their audience own a portfolio of properties and this group has become a main group to attract.

Direct mail campaigns can be very successful when done right with 57% open rate in UK in 2018. When it came to creating concept creative and copy we knew the importance of standout. UK businesses are receiving on average x2 DMs per day so there is a chance it can get overlooked. Therefore, we wanted the design to have infographic style with bold colours used, modern font and clear copy layout.

Bridget Colloby from the Towergate Marketing team confirmed right after first delivery: ‘The immediate feedback is that the team love the execution. Thank you – I’m really pleased with your work again’.

Gavin Grissett, Deputy Creative Director commented: “It’s one of those lovely little ‘old school’ jobs you don’t see much anymore – traditional print DM. The task was just to refresh the existing pack. Our revised execution brought to life a simple message using bright, modern illustration with a more considered tone of voice.”

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Towergate DM-case-study-bright-blue-day.jpg
Towergate DM-case-study-bright-blue-day.jpg