“Many a false step was made by standing still.”
― Tim Ferriss

We believe bbd content should reflect the people more than the work. We do not use the platform as a new business drive (probably our naivety), but as a chance to celebrate who we are. It’s an ‘easy answer’ to how we share thoughts, how we collate memories and how we celebrate our people.
There are certain patterns we follow – do training, then do a blog; host an event, then do a blog; join bbd, then do a blog…

But in 2018, not long after starting to be able to make and reflect changes at a management level – someone who meant a lot to me at bbd was leaving. It was a sad loss for us but it was also a reflection of his hopes he had always been transparent about – to shine in the bright lights of London. He was honest and transparent about his ambition and we have always supported that. It was a natural end that we had prepared for, even if we were not ready. He strongly impacted my time at bbd and was going to be missed not only professionally, but culturally too, and I wanted to celebrate that…

As odd as that might seem to some people, I didn’t want to shy away from someone leaving bbd. I valued his time here and wanted it to have a slice in the bbd memory vault. So ‘The bbd leavers blog’ was born.

It wasn’t decided through a new process mandate, or formalised in any way – it just was so ‘right’ that it became as much part of the bbd way as welcome shout outs and Friday drinks… a full circle of a bbd life.

Now sure, some leavers have more to say than others. Some leave quickly and share only a brief goodbye, and some leave after a lifetime and struggle to find the words. But either way, we try to ‘acknowledge’ that decision publicly, respect their perception of time spent with us and find gratitude in any wisdom they leave us with – be it a lesson or a kind word. Recognising the individual as they leave has become as important as recognising their whole self whilst they are under our roof.

Now it might not mean much to the people that don’t know us; and I’m sure it will mean nothing to the people that don’t care… but for us as a team, as an agency, it has become integral to our culture.

For I believe:
If you are brave enough to have picked us when you wanted a change; then we should be brave enough (and a little proud) to say goodbye when you need another.

Thanks to all the bbd alumni who have shared their words. Here is a pick of my faves:

Jessica Williams
Managing Director