In their latest sequence of quirky B2b (with a small B) marketing campaigns, Squarespace have teamed up with Idris Elba to create a fantastic two-part ad series that positions Squarespace as a platform for expressing yourself creatively and sharing your dreams with the world.

The emotive campaign encourages entrepreneurs, aspiring artists, athletes, and businesses to “dream big”, “go for it” and realise their ambitions with “a website worthy of your dreams”.

The first video, set to Que Será, Será, evokes feelings of childlike wonder as it follows Elba’s dreams to become an astronaut professional boxer, fighter pilot, chef and fashion designer, whilst the second playfully explores some of the typical challenges associated with building a website with British comedian Lolly Adefop poking fun at Elba’s accomplishments.

Elba has gone onto realise many of his childhood dreams; becoming a pro kickboxer, accomplished actor and most recently DJ, and, in a clever use of narrative and storytelling, the second video brings Elba’s journey full-circle as he realises another passion—creating a website to launch his fashion, music and impact brand 2hrset. The second video signs-off with a single line “make it”—a subtle nod to the ability of Squarespace to ‘simply create’ and a powerful message to its audience to realise their dreams.

Idris’ impact brand 2hrset sold out before its launch

This refreshingly quirky, humorous, and relatable campaign is a fantastic example of how midsize-enterprise brands can leverage top talent to create real, humorous and relatable content that establishes meaningful connection and achieves relevance with its audience. In today’s always-on digital world B2B campaigns need to pack some personality and Squarespace have achieved exactly that.