UK advertisers spent more than £14 billion on digital advertising in 2019, representing 66.4% of total ad spend. But many are finding that there’s not a lot of bang for their buck. In fact, the industry standard for digital advertising is around 6 clicks for 10,000 ads served.
The value isn’t much better than the engagement either. According to advertising guru Bob Hoffman, a dollar of spend translates into just 3c of value once the media agency, trading desk, demand side platform, ad exchange and ad tech middlemen fees have been deducted.

But this by no means warming up for a diatribe against digital advertising. Rather, it’s the opportunity to reiterate that in a climate of falling engagement with digital advertising, there remains a proven, enduring channel for increasing customer lifetime value and driving revenue.

That channel is email marketing.

We’re just not using it.

This article will explain how email marketing is an essential complement to paid traffic – not a replacement it should be stressed – but a strategy that is too valuable to overlook.

“For every $1 brands invest in email marketing, they receive $42 in return”

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