Hello, everyone!

I wanna start this by asking you to think about what you were doing a year ago. When I think about October 2021, I remember living a nice normal life. My family and friends were less than a mile away. I had a good job and no expectations for the future. If I could go back there and tell myself what was about to come I would not believe it for a second.

What you might already know is that I am Brazilian, I joined bbd almost two months ago and I’m here as an account manager for team Visa. What you might not know, and you would probably ask, is how did I ended up here. To make it easier I gathered all the most frequently asked questions I have received and I’ll answer them all here.

So how did you end up here, and why Bournemouth?

In February I came to visit my brother who has been living in Bournemouth for five years. I stayed for 3 months working remotely. I met a lot of nice people, explored a lot of nice places and then I found myself not wanting to go back home. It was my first time in another country and simply put, I needed to be here permanently. What started as a holiday became a life changing opportunity when I met bbd. I remember the day I came to the office for my first interview and thinking to myself that I was dreaming too big. Impostors syndrome didn’t let me believe I could be so lucky, but life has shown me that luck has nothing to do with it. I believed in myself and so did bbd. Now here I am living this new amazing life with fantastic coworkers and wonderful new friends. Even though I’m five thousand miles away from my country, more than ever I feel I’m home.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised on a little island on the south coast of Brazil called Florianópolis. My city is known for having 42 stunning beaches and being in the top 10 most popular tourist destinations in the whole of Brazil. The city also has a very strong technological industry. This mix of urban and nature is what I love the most about where I grew up and fun fact, I have never been to Rio.

What is the food like in Brazil? 

Amazing. The most famous Brazilian food is barbecue, but to be honest the best thing about Brazilian cuisine is that we make all the other countries’ food better. This is of course in my humble opinion, but with examples like Brazilian sushi and speciality hot dogs who could blame me.

There is a strong European influence on our culinary too, so you will see a lot of Italian, German and Portuguese food all around the country. In my family the most popular food to have at our gatherings is chicken pasta and lasagne. 

I hope to introduce you to caipirinha’s, a delicious Brazilian Cachaça Rum mixed with lemon juice and Sugar. Coxinha, shredded chicken wrapped in a fried dough. Farofa, Cassava flour seasoned and baconed. Oh and of course my famous carrot cake.

This is my famous Carrot cake with brigadeiro topping.

What were you doing before getting here? 

I was working as an Inbound Marketing Specialist for a technology company. The company’s product is a platform developed to help small and medium businesses create marketing campaigns such as landing pages, email marketing and automations. My role was focused on customer retention, helping them build the campaign’s strategy based on their goals such as lead conversion or sales. Before that I worked with Customer Support and Experience team. I loved helping clients get things done, solve their problems or make their lives easier.

Whilst I worked I was also getting a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration. I was procrastinating over this for a few years since it is a very boring and useless subject and if you know anything about politics in Brazil, you will know what I am talking about. 

How did you learn to speak English, but sound American?

In Brazil they teach US English in school, so I had a few years of that but what really helped me learn was watching Television. Watching shows without subtitles, listening and translating music and trying to think in English were key to getting me to a good level. Speaking was the best exercise though, and I think I am getting good.

Now I’m looking forward to learning more slang, so if you can help me with that I can teach you some nice Brazilian Portuguese slang too.

What do you miss the most? 

My friends, my family and my dog. The food too, but I have been introduced to a lot of amazing options here. Therefore it is mostly just my dog.

Meet Tobby, he may be 17 but he is still a baby to me!

I hope this helps to get to know a little bit more about me. Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful since day one and I’m beyond thankful for that.

As hard as it can be starting life afresh, it gets a lot easier when you feel so welcomed like I do. 

Once again I can’t imagine what life will be like in a year. For now I just hope I will be feeling as happy and accomplished as I am now.

Estela Silva
Account Manager