Hey, I’m Amy and I’m the new account exec at BBD. Having only been here a week and a bit, I am really glad I decided I chose bbd as my first ‘proper job’ since finishing uni only a few months back!

A bit of background info…

Sooo I’m 22, I was born in chiswick, London and raised in a little village called Compton (near Guildford, surrey, not California just to clarify!). I decided to go to uni and study at BU partly because it was rated so highly for their advertising degree, but also because I thought the nightlife would be really good. And so I was slightly disappointed when I realised it was only marginally better than Guildford, where casino nightclub was rated as one of the worst clubs in the country…

Despite that –  I loved my time at university. I made some friends for life and learned a lot about myself, having independence, and my course was incredible! Having had my placement year during the pandemic, I unfortunately was unable to secure one. So I spent the year working full time at a pub back in Surrey, on and off during lockdowns of course. Although it wasn’t quite the experience I expected, I had a lot of fun and was able to live in the moment! I believe everything happens for a reason, and looking back this experience helped reaffirm that my passion was in marketing and advertising, not hospitality… and I returned to my final year excited, refreshed and ready for the next challenge. I put the work in, and secured myself a 2:1 overall and a first in my diss, whilst enjoying myself along the way.

So how did I get here?

This work hard, play hard philosophy instilled in me through my final year is also a highly held value at BBD, and I am grateful that I have found somewhere that fits both my ambitious, eager to learn nature and my fun side.

If I’m honest, I had not expected to stay in Bournemouth after graduating. My plan was to move back home, save money, and work in London. But towards the end of my final year, I realised how important my independence had become! I know Bournemouth well, still have some friends down here so it made sense to move out of my student house and into my own little studio.  After all, I funded my final year all by myself, using the savings I had from my “placement” so why not just continue funding my own life and leave the nest for good? 

Anyway, I started to research marketing agencies in Bournemouth and stumbled upon BBD. I went for the interview, and as soon as I walked in I knew I wanted to work here, the office is lovely, the people are welcoming and it seemed like the perfect place! 

My first week:

My first week has been a lot of learning, a lot of information to absorb – and in a dog friendly office and drinks on a Friday, what more could you want? I am super excited to get stuck into agency life and the world of client services. I am at the start of my career journey and I am confident this is the right step for me. 

Bring on the next challenge!

Amy Samarawira
Account Executive