2020 has been a year we’ll certainly remember – mostly not for great reasons. While the economy is collapsing, people are literally losing lives and jobs, little old me decided it was time to start a new venture, use my degree in communications and find a new career in advertising. What great timing ey?

Needless to say, friends and family warned me it would be challenging and to not get discouraged if nothing came of it, as competition is fierce out there, now more than ever, and the number of applicants has tripled due to so many redundancies.

Well, I rolled up my sleeves, updated my CV and set all sorts of alerts on recruiting sites, waiting for a role that would catch my eye, intrigue me, be a step up and most of all…excite me. This can sometimes be a challenge when you live in a seaside town like Bournemouth, as opportunities can be limited – it’s not London after all…

It took a while but eventually the role of Account Manager at a company called Bright Blue Day caught me eye. A creative advertising and marketing agency right round the corner? I was intrigued.

“Oooooh this sounds interesting”

“Oooooh this sounds interesting” was my first reaction while I was laying on the sofa on a Wednesday evening, scrolling my phone in my pyjamas. After some website and social media stalking (always recommended), I was very impressed and ready to apply, this was it!

A couple days later I was invited to my first zoom interview. What a time to be alive – chatting to someone on video, trying to make a good impression virtually rather than meeting in person! It still feels strange when I think about it. Least you can get away with wearing a smart top with joggers though? No one would know.

 I had 3 zoom calls in total and got the chance to ‘meet’ a couple members of the team, which is always great. Finally, I was invited to a face to face in the office. Thankfully, this job and company wasn’t just an illusion, they did exist, and it felt great to see it all in person. I wasn’t dreaming!

  • Office dog? Check.
  • Great coffee machine? Check.
  • Modern space? Check!
  • Friendly atmosphere? Check!
  • Busy environment? Check!

I thought I knew what fast paced meant, but this confident belief of mine has quickly been demolished as the pace at bbd is on another level of busy – and it’s great. Mind you, I’ve been told I joined during one of the busiest ever periods and I’m still finding my feet (it’s my third week as of me writing this post) and the team has been so kind trying not to overwhelm me, giving me time to find my pace and get to know all the clients.

What I’ve learnt so far

In just three short weeks I have learnt so much and I still have a ton more to learn in order to just scratch the surface of what it’s like working for a busy agency.

Your inbox never clears, you won’t tick everything off your to-do list for the day and you rarely take your full lunch break or finish at half 5 – but no two days are the same and the clients we get to work with are lovely. You feel like part of many teams across different industries and we all work together to make something great come to life…well, not literally but digitally. It’s what makes the job feel like a ride. You pour your all every hour of every day and go home knowing you’ve achieved something and worked alongside some hard-working and talented people. It’s a good feeling.

Most of my colleagues still work from home which means I’ve only met a handful in the office and the rest on zoom, so I look forward to getting to know all of them in the new year once (hopefully) Covid doesn’t impact us this badly.

Finding a new job in the middle of a global pandemic is hard, but it isn’t impossible, so if you set your mind to it, you can achieve that – or anything for that matter. Go for it!

Kristina Maggiora
Account Manager
New Starter!