Ello there, I’m Grace, the new Graphic Design Intern at bbd!

I recently completed my degree in Graphic Design at Arts University Bournemouth, joining the bbd team only a week following my graduation. I was curious about what to expect from agency life, being pretty much non-stop at uni with 8am starts and 12am finishes, working 9 – 5:30 makes a great change and I’m sure my sleep schedule would agree. Having said that, I am prone to staying up into the early hours of the morning anyway, usually re-watching the same TV series on repeat, safe to say I’m a bit of a night owl!

Why bbd?

I first visited the bbd office for a portfolio review. Being initially unaware of the amazing opportunity of an internship here meant the process of meeting a few members of the lovely bbd team was quite casual which definitely helped my nerves!

There were a variety of things that made me excited about the prospect of working here, the dog friendly office of course, but, it was their multidisciplinary creative projects that I felt would be really valuable to experience as I would be able to keep exploring and learning.

I am about a month in now and so far it’s been lovely! I’ve got to work on some exciting projects and I’ve really enjoyed helping out different members of the team, getting to know what they’re working on as well as a bit more about them too.

Why graphic design?

When I initially chose to follow a path of graphic design I didn’t really have a clue what it was (and to be quite honest if you asked me to define it today, I wouldn’t be able to). I think graphic design can be regarded as so many different things and that’s why I love it, there’s no limit to what you could create that could be considered ‘design’. This works out for me, as if I’m not creating something on a computer, I’m on a sewing machine, making something with clay or putting some cakes in the oven.

Rounding this off with some fun facts about me…

  • I enjoy making my own clothes from scratch! I’ve made tops out of old shirts, a dungarees out of duvet covers, cardigans out of blankets and a few pairs of trousers
  • I very rarely watch a new series, but I will re-watch the same ones multiple times
  • I love baking, lemon drizzle cake and shortbread are my specialties but I also once made a rainbow frog cake which was arguably my best creation ever (photo evidence below).

Thanks so much for reading my entry, have a happy day!

Grace Reeves
Graphic Design Intern