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Happy Wife, Happy Life, Right?

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Now I am not suggesting the way to keeping a wife happy, is filling her up at the end of Dry January with a lot of Pinot Grigio – although it would probably work for me… But, I am comparing the classic phrase to how I believe Bright Blue Day manages to keep everyone in the office involved and happy, it’s as if we have lots of happy office wives really!

Let me take this back a few steps, firstly my name is Josie McLachlan, I am currently on my placement year with Bright Blue Day and had the opportunity to help prepare for the BBD Wet Feb Quiz. Not only did I get to hold my own question round as a fellow quiz master, but I got to work behind the scenes helping organise everything from sequin bow ties to creating riddles to help get the team guessing on the Libertine location (a lot more difficult then you would think).

So, why do these kind of events make for such a happier work life? Just from my short time with the BBD team, I have seen how much the company values their employees, hence why they are so dedicated to keeping everyone happy – events like this bring the team together with rounds of laughs, not to sound too cringey but it’s true everyone needs a bit of fun! The BBD Wet Feb Quiz allowed not only for everyone to wet their whistles, but for different departments, who don’t always get the opportunity to work together daily, got to gabble together in our randomly allocated teams. These kind of get-togethers also allow for confidence amongst colleagues, how many offices do you think feel comfortable enough to call out a member of the management team for having wondering cheating eyes when quiz papers are passed around! Also, if we weren’t so confident in this philosophy, we wouldn’t invite special guest Richard Bolt from Visa to join us. Oh yes, we were brave enough to allow a client around all of us and an open bar.

All in all, yes the phrase is right, Happy Wife, Happy Life! Bright Blue Day put in the effort to keep everyone cheery, which helps keep everyone working hard … I suppose you could again link it to a marriage, if you love it you work hard for it!

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