We created a series of short animated videos to help HP sales teams showcase their range of PCs and printers. 


Despite occupying an enviable market position as a global PC and printer vendor, even HP has to remind customers from time to time of the breadth of products it covers. Constrained by video content that used stock footage which couldn’t be broadcast, HP commissioned a new suite of short, engaging videos using owned assets.  


HP challenged bbd to create a series of short 15-second videos that sales teams could use to present to customers, and which could also generate enthusiasm on LinkedIn. On top of rights restrictions, existing video content was too long and missing the mark when it came to stirring the imagination. They wanted a visual identity and tone that was more human, succinct and engaging than existing collateral, whilst staying true to the spirit of innovation and positive experiences behind the ‘Keep Reinventing’ tagline. 

Encouraged by recent bbd social media campaigns that had performed strongly for HP, including Original Ink, Instant Ink and Workstations, HP were keen to continue with a benefit-led call to action. Whilst product features were certainly not something to underplay, there was enough evidence from earlier campaigns to confirm that high engagement came from campaigns that highlighted broad experiences over individual functions. bbd extended this strategic approach to messaging. 

Content was aimed at five key verticals – retail, manufacturing, finance, education and healthcare – to reinforce the message that HP understood their markets, already had a strong presence in that space, and offered a wide range of products. 


Emotional attachment to office hardware is hard to generate, to the point where most staff might be unaware of the brand of printer or PC they use daily. On the other hand, matters of security, mobility, integration and innovation do resonate, providing a good opportunity for HP to champion its success in these areas. 


bbd drafted five fresh scripts with a punchier, more emotive tone of voice and messaging that clearly aligned with common customer pain points. Since HP already owned footage, the challenge visually was to invigorate each setting and lend urgency and momentum to the scenario in question. 

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