It feels incredibly weird to be writing a leaving blog… I’ve grown up at bbd both personally and professionally. And it really did become my family and my home.. My safe place.

In the last 3 years at bbd, I have evolved from being a Senior Account Manager to an Account Director, running my own team. I’ve moved into my own home, I’ve expanded my family (my fur baby Mabel), I’ve learnt new skills, I’ve worked on numerous high profile campaigns, I’ve made mistakes, I’ve learnt from my mistakes. I’ve made a couple more mistakes and then I’ve learnt some more and bbd have been there for me every step of the way to celebrate the successes, catch me when I fall, and to wipe away the odd tear.

However, I knew I loved bbd but I wasn’t loving marketing anymore, so with a lot of love and support from my bbd family and my actual family, I found the courage to make a very large leap from safely employed and knowing what I can do, to unemployed and not knowing what my next steps are.

bbd are currently recruiting for a number of exciting roles, and if you are wondering whether you should join, here are all the reasons why you should:

  • The people – it’s so cliché but bbd really are a family. They will be there to laugh with you (or at you), to learn with you, to hear your rants and frustrations, to solve your worries and the leadership team truly do care.
  • The clients – seriously, I mean they are the reason we all have a job! Joking aside, the clients we work with at bbd have been with the agency for a very long time, and the newbie clients have come through referrals and word of mouth from the clients we have worked with over the years.
  • The work – we get to work on some really cool campaigns at bbd. My personal favourites have included taking over the advertising spaces at Harrods and seeing our work on all floors, launching new branding and websites and seeing my work in national newspapers.
  • The downtime – at bbd you work hard, but you also get to play hard too. Our summer and Christmas parties are amazing, with lots of parties, pub visits and yoga retreats in between!
  • The people – I know I listed this before, but I really can’t stress how wonderful and truly talented the whole team are at bbd – it is incredibly motivating to work with such a wonderful talented bunch who make you smile every day!

So what are you waiting for?! Drop a CV to bbd now and start the best chapter of your life!!

Issie Brown
Account Director