Before joining bbd I sat down and read a lot of these ‘hey i’m new!’ blogs, so it feels a little surreal to be writing my own. With that being said hi, I’m Bobby, the new Motion Graphic Designer!

Who am I?

The Short version, I’m a 28 year old nerdy guy who struggles to grow a decent beard.

The slightly longer version, I graduated from the University of Lincoln studying Media Production. Afterwards I jumped head first into a fast-paced creative agency focusing on public sector positive change in society.

Is there a reward for the worst timing?

After a few years I decided to shake things up. I upped sticks and moved to Luton to work in the travel industry… and then, well, the global pandemic hit. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that travel and global pandemics don’t go that well together. Some might argue, not at all. 

While locked away from society for 2 years I decided to make some other big life changes. It started by completing Couch to 5k, eating better and generally looking after myself better. Nothing short of a miracle happened and I began to love running and continue to do it a few days a week. I’m even planning on running the Bournemouth half marathon next year! 2020 Bobby wouldn’t recognise me today.

Why bbd?

For dramatic effect let’s pretend it was a rainy Tuesday. After years of said rainy lockdown days I needed something to change, enter bbd stage left.

I started reading the blogs and my first genuine question was – did HR write these? Every single one was like a 5 star glowing review. Reading more about bbd’s history and ethos, it started to all make sense. I knew very quickly that I wanted to throw my hat into this ring, and now I’m here working on all sorts of projects. Don’t you just love it when things work out for the best! 

Other stuff that makes me, well, me?

I climbed Snowden on the hottest day of the year last year and I just about melted, I play guitar, attempt to sing from time to time, volunteer for charities when I can, and most people say I shouldn’t say this, but I’m not ashamed in the slightest… I have a Doctor Who tattoo.

So that’s me! If you need me, I’ll be animating stuff and making it look good in the process.

Bobby Beardwell
Motion Graphics Designer