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Isn’t it time you got yourself a UX Copywriter?


There is a notable skills gap afflicting many digital teams. It is growing more blatant with every new digital tool or service that comes online.

There is no one looking after the language.

It is not uncommon in the early part of a project for the designers and developers to be left holding the copywriting baby. This seems like a huge missed opportunity.

Instead, the professional copywriter is brought in too late, risking major revisions.

The solution? Bring in a UX Content Writer at the very beginning of your project.

Enter the UX Writer

A UX content writer specialises in creating content that enhances user experiences through material that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Calls-to-action (CTAs)
  • Chatbot messages
  • Social media messages
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • FAQ Pages
  • Manuals
  • Reviews

Web content differs significantly from other forms of writing due to how end-users approach the material. By and large, they skim or use search tools for specific keywords or factoids instead of reading the content whole. This makes it vital that the content creator utilizes engaging and active material to grab the reader’s attention from the outset. Some common techniques include:

  • “Active” and Engaging Titles
  • Bullet Points
  • Description Tags
  • HTML/XML Aware Content Development
  • News Pyramid Information Organization (Important at Top)
  • Platform (WordPress/Facebook/Etc.) Aware Development
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Best Practices (Including Meta Keywords)

Development teams hire UX content developers for a wide variety of reasons ranging from editing web pages to enhance clarity to researching and writing industry specific content for internal use. Thanks to the high-paced online nature of the field, UX writers and editors have to be well-versed in a wide variety of industry specific standards and tools from communication platforms to content management systems like Trello, Drupal, Convio or WordPress, in addition to “gig” service providers like eZineArticles or UpWork.

With a large number of service providers and instant review services, it is vital for the writer to clearly articulate capabilities and make certain to follow customer-provided guidelines every time in order to stay active in the field. This market environment has created a class of professionals dedicated to achieving web copy that is engaging, legible, credible, and ranks highly in search engine results.

The ideal UX writer’s resume includes proof of exemplary writing with education/experience in related fields. Hiring directors focus on grammar, ethics, editing, and general style when reviewing portfolios with an eye or selecting those that show a strong understanding of how to create amazing web content that stands apart from the innumerable amount of material being digitally published every day.

Tips for Making UX Writing Part of Your Process

Aligning the workflow of your product designers and UX team is essential for building an agile environment for UX copy. You need to bear in mind two factors to achieve this goal:

  • Cooperation between the UX team and the writer is essential for new copy creation. From designer-crafted initial copy to the editing stages, a continuous and productive conversation must occur to ensure a focus on the desired result.
  • Developer coding must not occur until all interested parties, especially management, has given approval over the design. This will result in a gradual process that focuses on the trust building and deferment to “authority” essential for ensuring that the project adheres to the initially stated development and writing guidelines.

You will be able to make certain your content is market aware and ready from the beginning by focusing on integrating a UX content writer in you project. Graphics and written content share equivalent importance in achieving market awareness and penetration, making turning to professionals with the right skill set and portfolio is absolutely essential for developing product that has a greater potential for leading to success on your choice of social media and web platforms.