Let’s start off by saying I am basically the BFG. Standing at just over 6 ft 8”, I happen to be the tallest member of the Bright Blue Day family… for now.

Why the BFG?

Height runs in my family, even though I tell my older brothers they’re short at 6 ft 2” and 6 ft 4”! My dad, who is originally from India, came over to the UK at the age of 8, and actually used his height wisely playing for Scotland’s u19 cricket team. He was the tallest man I knew and up until the age of 17,he used to make fun of me for being short, despite only being a matter of cms shorter than him. As soon as I took over as the tallest family member, it was a huge achievement. Ever since then, I have been teasing him about his height and how short he is at 6 ft 7”!

Anyway, back to me, I have recently joined the bbd family as a Finance Assistant after graduating from the University of Portsmouth studying Financial Management. I moved to Bournemouth with my girlfriend and started a job which is less than a 5 minute walk away from my flat, making the transition from lazy student to hard working employee a lot easier. My height has allowed me to become the world’s best grassroots centre back (self proclaimed) – the long limbs mean you may get past me, but not for long.

Why did I choose a career in finance?

Well, unfortunately, that links back to my Dad, he has been in the finance sector for his whole life, as has my mum, eldest brother and all of my aunts and uncles! I guess you could say…. It runs in the family! I remember when I was younger, talking to my dad about what went on at his work and what sort of responsibilities he had. He’d show me all the cool tricks he could do in Microsoft Excel at work. I loved this time, and this definitely spearheaded my way into my current career path. Some may call people in finance boring, I disagree- I think the logical thinking and attention to detail aspects of the job are fascinating. When in finance, you know about everything in the business and how it is run.

Why Bright Blue Day?

After having multiple interviews with some jobs that didn’t quite meet my expectations for a variety of reasons, I got a call from my recruiter. I was told I had an interview at Bright Blue Day and without knowing too much about the company I still got a bit excited thinking this could be the one. “Exciting, growing company” and “great culture” are a few words my recruiter told me, but what really enticed me was “fancy coffee machine”.

Seriously though, I was nervous but excited on the day of my interview, but as soon as I stepped into the office, it all went away and I just felt relaxed.; the music playing, the VR headsets, the dogs, the funky kitchen but most importantly the bean bags! I felt like I had stepped into a Google office! Meeting Rob and Luis made me even more certain that this was the job for me, somewhere I can feel relaxed and part of a team that works hard (but also aren’t those boring finance people everyone tells you about)! I am writing this in my third week working here and the rest of the team are reflections on the personalities of Rob and Luis, making me so happy with my choice to join the bbd family.

So a quick recap about me:

  • I am 6 ft 8”
  • I am half Indian, half English
  • I studied Financial Management at the University of Portsmouth
  • I love sports – mainly football but have played a range including rugby and cricket, I was also a member of the Leander rowing squad when I was 15.

Thank you for taking the time to read my entry. Just to be clear, even though both my height and career in finance both run in my family, neither me or my family actually run!

Also did I mention that I’m 6ft 8?…

Douglas Monon
Finance Assistant