Hi, my name’s Imi and this pandemic has put me in the driver’s seat of a whole host of emotions. 

Since the 23rd March last year I have: been furloughed, started a part-time job, been un-furloughed, quit a part-time job, looked for a new job, found a new job, quit my full-time job and started the new chapter of my life. 3 weeks into starting my new role at bbd and yes, I am knackered. 

What has this taught me?

I am restless. I like to feel busy and productive. Months of furlough where I was filling my time with writing, cooking, running, reading, eating and playing guitar have made me realise how much I thrive off achievements and like to have goals to reach. 

My previous job was for a travel company and needless to say, COVID hit us hard. My writing ambitions felt stunted and I wanted to meet new people, write different things and learn about the whole new world of agency life.

It was this lack of hope that caused me to start scrolling through job sites to see if there was anything that ‘sparked joy’ as Marie Kondo would say. As luck would have it, bbd had an opening for a creative copywriter and you can bet that I applied as soon as I saw it (potentially twice due to the freezing of the internet at my parents’ house, sorry). 

Skip forward a couple of zoom interviews later and here I am. I made the move from client to agency side – which side is the darker side is up to you.

From the get go, I knew that this way of working suited my work ethic. Not only does the office have an amazing coffee machine, but the inspiring people, creative workspace and friendly welcome put me immediately at ease. The work involves many different clients, style guides and audiences and my restless brain is being put to good use. I no longer crave that writing variety to spice up my day and I am kept well on my toes. It also helps that my predecessor left to move to the Caribbean, here’s me hoping this is a trend…

What’s the next chapter?

Well, I guess actually going into the office on a daily basis and seeing who I actually work with in the flesh is a start. A 2D relationship via zoom can only get you so far but from everyone I’ve had the pleasure to chat to so far, a 2D relationship is better than none. I eagerly await pub gardens and life slowly (and safely) getting back to (possibly a new) normal. 

For any of you out there anxious about all things panny-d related, whether that’s adjusting to things getting back to normal, or realising your alcohol tolerance is no longer what it used to be, please remember you are not alone and a friendly face is only a zoom (other video-communication platforms are available) call away. 

Imi Byers
Creative Copywriter