Not every day you get a chance to work with Quintet, a private bank, that was ready to launch the world’s first carbon neutral fund, to market.

Excited? You bet we were.

Quintet isn’t like other banks and truly sustainable investing isn’t like other investing – it is set to be a dominant investment theme for this decade.

Quintet needed an agency to create a high impact creative concept for the launch and moving forward, generate ‘market buzz’ for a revolutionary portfolio. This is key for creating awareness and interest with possible investors.

Quintet investors are like no other. They are those who have the entrepreneurial spirit, yet at the same time are empathetic and aware of the world around them and the challenges facing it. They care.

To get this audience’s attention, we needed to cut through the noise and really stand out. We needed to make a statement to start a meaningful conversation that drives engagement with investors and activates change in perceptions to create investor participation across the customer journey.

Our approach to the pitch was to create relevance between the Quintet brand world and the customers’ world.

In doing this we identified three jobs to be done:

  • The investor challenge: The cause and its relevance to them 
  • Quintet’s challenge: Starting the conversation of change
  • And the job to be done: Activate change in investors

Our creative concept

So, what do we do?

Like any other sensible people we obviously went straight to the pub. A Bank Holiday Monday with a layout pad, a few pints and a couple of Sharpies resulted in us literally taking the carbon out of Quintet’s green brand colour and replacing it with the black from the colour breakdown, creating a nugget of purest green.

Although pitching with the concept of ‘Quintet Green’, the final outcome was:

QUINTET EARTH – a new kind of investment portfolio.

Based on our audience analysis, we realised that Quintet’s new carbon neutral portfolio was created for Change Makers and needed some extra engagement material so we created an emotive launch video:

An explosive launch for a world changing product – and a teaser of what was to come.

To be continued…