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Lifesaving Guides

The RNLI Manual and Handbooks are technical author’s go-to books for the volunteers and staff within the RNLI, they range from complicated instructions on life-saving equipment to launching a lifeboat safely into the water, they also offer life-saving advice.

With many staff and volunteers at the RNLI, it is vital that their how-to Manuals and Handbooks are kept up to date and are presented in an easy to read manner. Different departments within the RNLI have previously written and designed their own Manuals, and there has been little cohesion between them. This did not present or feel as part of a library of go-to books.

This is where Bright Blue Day has come in. We have updated some of the existing manuals and started producing a new range of manuals and handbooks, giving them all a fresh brighter make-over, making them feel like they are part of a library of manuals, using the same colour coding, updating all charts and making the whole experience of reading through a 60/120 page literature more of a pleasure than a pain.

This year Bright Blue Day has worked on and will have completed 8 manuals. Ready for us to start 2019 in getting the other 22 done.

The client continues to provide positive feedback stating “BBD are faultless in their approach, service and professional expertise”.