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Lunch, the most important meal of the day!

Right off the bat I know what you’re thinking, surely you mean breakfast, right? Well i’m not going to lie I may have lured you here with a slightly misleading title; how about this one instead “Lunch, the most important meal of your working day!”? Not quite as catchy but a bit more descriptive, my aim to get anyone out there desk eating a sandwich, to get out, stretch your legs and embrace the joy of a lunch break.

Now we all know that eating at our desks isn’t great, but a surprisingly large proportion of us still slip into the routine of popping out to grab a meal deal and heading straight back to eat it at our desks, “If I just finish this project, I can relax”, sound familiar?

And I know, we’re all busy but studies have shown you are much more likely to gain improved focus on tasks for prolonged periods if you take a break. Still not convinced? Here are a few of my top benefits to taking a lunch:

Prevent strain

Taking a break from sitting in front of a screen is a great way to give both your eyes and body a break. Swap fluorescent light for natural, let your posture adjust from being hunched over a desk and let your body recover for those daily repetitive tasks. Repetitive strain injury is real and can be a viscous cycle to get out of so break the cycle before it starts.

Get some exercise

Wether it’s popping to the gym, having a walk to the beach or just a stroll round, getting some exercise and fresh air is a great way to destress and revitalise yourself for the rest of the day.


Taking some time to yourself just to get your head away from a work is vital for you own personal wellbeing, go on treat yo self to some me time!

Get some life admin done

This one might seem in contrast to the other points but getting out and sorting out all those little bits of life admin that a stuck at the back of your mind can help you focus and the sense of achievement from getting them done can spill over to a positive attitude and focus to getting work done.

Problem solving

If you’re stuck on a problem then taking a break can do wonders by taking your mind off the current problem you brain can work in different ways and that just might lead to a eureka moment!


Building a strong work community is vital to any workplace, i’m a big fan of communal lunches. Sharing food with people you wouldn’t ordinarily talk to is a great way to get to know the people you spend most of your day in the same building.

I hope i’ve convinced any sceptics that taking a proper lunch break is as if not more important than any other work task. If not give it a try and thank me later.