Recently I had the opportunity to visit the D&AD New Blood Festival in London. As it was only a year since I was there with my Uni, it was fun to revisit and see the new the up and coming talent of graduating students.

What is D&AD New Blood?

New Blood is a design festival run by D&AD every year where graduating students from universities around the country showcase their work to visiting creatives from across the industry, making it one of the best places to get connections and also a great place for inspiration.

As well as an opportunity for students to show off their work, there are also tonnes of opportunities to hear from the best in the industry at talks, reviews or workshops. It’s also the weekend of the D&AD awards where pencils are awarded to the top work across multiple briefs tackled by students during their time at uni.

Why was I there?

For me personally it was a great opportunity to go up to London to reconnect with friends from my time at university, as well as support others that were presenting their work. It is also a great place to be inspired and encouraged by the amount of creativity that surrounds you, not just at the festival but in London itself. I feel that because we are on the South Coast, opportunities like these are great to stay with the trends and keep up to date with new and fresh talent.

Some of the work!