Visa as a brand are something of an anomaly. Everyone has heard of them. And whilst they take care of millions of payments every day, as consumers none of us actually directly engage with them in any way. Yes, most of us have a card with their logo on it. But that card is usually from your bank or building society – it’s not a conscious choice.

So, Visa have a somewhat unique need to be front of consumer’s minds, without having a tangible ‘product’ per se… How do you reach consumers without actually having something to say? By connecting with a relevant ‘nudge’ at the appropriate time and place, whether that’s at point of sale or during a life moment.

It’s the latter which applies here. Specifically Visa wanted to be front of mind for holidaymakers who were about to travel abroad. Why? So they are more inclined to use their Visa cards to pay whilst on their holidays.

Now, what better place is there to find holidaymakers than at the airport? And what better platform to connect with them than Snapchat? Filters are a great way to geo-target a (usually younger) audience at very specific moments. Use them in the right context, at the right time, and you can achieve great results.

We knew our audience would be about to fly off on their travels. We also guessed (correctly) that a departure lounge or duty free selfie was probably in order.

All we needed then was something fun and simple to use as an overlay, one that helped amplify the moment. Something which conveyed the excitement of vacations, the sense of adventure…

And so the Visa boarding pass was born. A simple bright graphic, with subtle Visa-branding and fun messaging.

Snapchat’s ‘smart filter‘ functionality allowed us to then superimpose the selfie-taker’s name onto the boarding pass graphic, giving them extra reason to use the filter.

And use it they are.

Visa snapchat airport filter
Visa snapchat airport filter

Our Visa ‘boarding pass’ filter is currently driving the highest share rate Snapchat have EVER seen on their platform. It’s getting a 22% share rate – and that’s compared to a benchmark standard of 4%. Pretty impressive we think you’ll agree.

Our previous airport filters were considered top performers, but this has trounced them by another 10.5%.

Proof that a good idea can really help a campaign take off.