As we specialise in advertising, everyone here in the bbd-fam likes to look at ads – whether we like it or not, we can’t help it – and politely discuss the best and worst of what we see on the market around an oval table while sipping tea and nibbling on croissants like the classy people we are (or in reality slag the bad ones on a group chat after our fourth coffee of the day).

Pride month is over and the big businesses are swiftly removing the rainbow flags from anything they managed to stick it on. From t-shirts, to logos and posters – the message of inclusivity is often used only to ‘tick a box’ and seem woke to the general public.

However, there are a few ads we’ve seen that we thought really captured what pride is all about. So, to end pride month, we thought we’d show you some of our personal favourite ads – old and new – that have stuck in our minds through time. Here’s 5 bbd-approved pride ads!

Arsenal’s Rainbow Laces campaign

We have quite a few Arsenal fans in our building, and they all remembered the Rainbow Laces campaign which actually featured a few different football clubs. A key focus of the partnership with Stonewall was to encourage LGBT+ acceptance among children and young people involved in community and education initiatives such as Premier League Primary Stars and Premier League Kicks, and within Academies.

Coaches, teachers and leaders have been equipped with bespoke resources and programmes developed by the League and Stonewall which promote positive attitudes towards the LGBT+ community.

Stockholm Pride

Another ad we like is the campaign for Stockholm Pride and the way it gets people to rethink the stereotypes associated with heterosexual values – from the viewpoint of language and music. It neatly sums up how society can discriminate against someone based not on their merits as a person, but on preconceptions based on simple behaviour or preference.

Yo Sushi

Japanese street food and sushi restaurant Yo removed all labels from its High Street Kensington restaurant front as well as website and social platforms as part of their ‘No Labels. Just Pride.’ campaign celebrating Pride in London and the LGBTQ+ community. This move was research-based, revealing that the LGBTQ+ community feel ‘over-labelled’. We quite liked this one as it was clever!

Finally for the last two picks, we couldn’t miss on some of our client’s work. Firstly bbd’s own design for Visa when they supported the Stonewall Dinner in 2016. Money raised from these annual events support Stonewall’s work to go deeper into communities and help to improve the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people. We’d describe it as simple, to the point and timeless, which also goes hand in hand with another classic but effective ad by Aruba. The PRIDE – Your Journey, Your Edge social ads reinforce the company’s support as an ally not just in June but every day for their LGBTQ+ colleagues & friends.

We just love to see it.

kristina account manager
Kristina Maggiora
Account Manager