After just over three years working in agencies, I decided it was time to work for myself and be a contractor. So, last year that is exactly what I did. I thought I would love being a contractor, being my own boss, working my own hours, picking the projects I wanted to work on, it all sounded ideal but in reality, not having a desk to call my own, or colleagues to share success’ and also failings with became lonely. Often, I was working on a project at the start, doing the research and strategy phase but then I wouldn’t get to see the project through to the end, I’d have to hand it over to a “permy” who would be the clients contact. I never got invited to the office parties (and I love a party!) and my clients never got to know me, as I was often kept as the dirty little secret so that clients didn’t have a revolving door of faces looking after their projects.

After a year I was down in the dumps, I didn’t want to keep working as a contractor, I wanted to be part of a team, I wanted a work family, I wanted a desk of my own! I’d been lucky enough to have had a taste of a few agencies, so I knew exactly what I was looking for, for my home, I had my checklist and I started the hunt for my forever (work) home.

Bright Blue Day ticked all the boxes in my checklist, my first interview I instantly clicked with the team, I left knowing that it was the right place for me and I couldn’t wait to hear whether they felt the same way. – luckily, they did!

At Bright Blue Day, no day is ever the same, no project is the same and no two clients are the same. I’ve learnt some really valuable lessons here, about how to better myself and help my clients more, I’ve picked up skills and habits that I wouldn’t have had I stayed contracting. When I was contracting I would often be reluctant to ask for help, at Bright Blue Day you are a team, and if you need help, it is there in abundance.

Six months on, I can honestly say I am so happy I decided to stop contracting and join an agency permanently. I have my work family, I have a support system and I even got to go to the office Christmas party two weeks after joining!