Among the many reasons we love working with the RNLI is a shared understanding on the importance of building relentless brand relevance, and a passion for data-driven decision making.

The RNLI approached BBD looking to improve and build on their donor database to support future fundraising. Their research identified a specific audience of grandparents over 50, who have grandchildren predominantly aged between 4 and 10.

In order to reach this new audience, the RNLI proposed a pilot engagement and acquisition campaign. Current trends indicate that grandparents are playing a growing role in providing childcare to support the full-time working parents. As a result, they’re looking for fun and educational ways to fill their time.

Content that drives relevance

We found, therefore, that the opportunity was to provide relevant and engaging content which included appropriate coastal activities and safety advice, all wrapped up in a theme with a strong link to the RNLI.

The task was to combine their extensive research and with our expert knowledge to produce an effective campaign strategy that had relevance and longevity. This would then inform an overarching creative idea that would roll out in the form of a guide and social media creative.

The Bucket and Spade List 

Out of a collaborative workshop, we created a guide for this pilot campaign called ‘The Bucket and Spade List’, which included 30 activities designed for you to get the most out of your day at the seaside, whether you’re young or just young at heart.

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