Holidays, holidays, holidays – remember them?

We’ve all been dreaming of getting away for the last year of lockdowns, restrictions and that feeling of generally ‘not being able to go anywhere’.

Frustrating indeed.

So, when things did finally open up a little back in April we were all of a sudden able to go away – hooray!

Except, we had to stay in this country. No escaping for an exotic getaway – staycationing was the only option.

Luckily, we have a client – Waterside Holiday Group who are the staycation experts (and bloody good at it)  – and with the newfound freedoms of being able to actually go somewhere came some challenges for holiday companies like Waterside:  restrictions, lots of them – social distancing, Covid level cleaning, booking protocols – the list was long.

What did we need to do?

We knew we had to come up with a series of engaging videos in the form of easy to understand animations that simply explained the reopening of Waterside’s 4 holiday parks to potential holiday makers: the do’s, don’t’s, how’s and processes that were being put in place to make their holidays both enjoyable and safe. No, it wasn’t a simple thing to explain – who knew coming out of a global pandemic could be so complicated?

Timing was tight. The parks were reopening very soon and that day wasn’t changing. We wanted to imbue the animations with little moments of fun whilst keeping the seriousness and professional nature of the message intact. As a given, we had to stand out from the competition and make our videos a bit different from the standard. Instead of an icon/footage/icon/footage type of explainer video, we opted for a playful animated, human approach to this important set of informational communications.

We chose a hand-drawn style that was a lot of work to do in a short time. The illustrations were kept simple but engaging, including over 100 hand-drawn illustrations with a playful pop-up style of animation. Overall, we delivered 6 videos covering all aspects of holidaying safely in the parks from entertainment, eating and drinking, all the way through to the cleaning and Covid measures that had been put in place to ensure the safety of the guests.


Waterside Opening

Waterside Entertainment

Waterside Accommodation

Waterside Leisure

We did all this in 2 weeks from start to finish – bbd fast craft at it’s best. A month down the line, we delivered material for all four Waterside Holiday Parks and had a very happy client which was all we could wish for!

Happy (Holi)days!