Ahoy! I’m Ellie, and I know what you’re all thinking, another newbie with a short name ending with the ‘ee’ sound… how many of us can there be at once right?

Well, I’m here to put an end to your nervous twitching as you try to remember us all and give you a little insight into what makes Ellie Watson, Content Editor.

How it all began…

The tale begins with just another 18 year old Brummie gal, fan-girling over the dream of living by the ocean and the lure of a fortnight of freshers at Bournemouth University.

Little did I realise that 2 weeks later I would have only attended two freshers events, I had adopted a stray kitten that would have a strange fascination for watching Titanic with me, and I would find far too much excitement in a midnight road trip to Tesco to get Ben & Jerrys.

At the end of my time at university, I was not ready to leave Bournemouth. Like so many others I had fallen in love with a life by the sea, and so I worked my butt off to stay!

Sorry Birmingham, you may have more canals than Venice, but it’s not quite enough to tempt me back.

ellie as julie andrews
A few of my favourite things…. Julia Roberts watch your back!

So, what fuels my life?

Copious amounts of cheese and wine evenings, many an ABBA night (we all have a Dancing Queen in us somewhere right?), a lot of experimental gin tasting and experimental water sports as I adventure around the Jurassic Coastline. Not at the same time I will add, though maybe an idea for the next Away Day…?

I’m also not too shabby with a badminton racket and I do own a longboard… that is all I have to say about that one but the crutches in my cupboard speak volumes.

So Ellie, how did you end up here?

For the last 6 years I have been working in Technical Support, Quality Assurance, and dabbling in Copywriting, but not felt quite brave enough to take the leap in the direction I really wanted to go in. I know that I am a creative at heart and if 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that I couldn’t spend another second not doing what I loved.

ellie happy with a drink
So, it’s official, I have blue blood. Let’s do this!

Seeing the Content Editor role appear at BBD, well, it was just meant to be. The role felt perfect for my abilities and ambitions, and I’d been eyeing up BBD on socials for years, it just seemed like ‘the place to be’. I was not wrong. Immediately you are struck by the fun, friendly, inclusive culture of being in a tight knit agency and everything that comes as part of that. (Getting to go away for the amazing Summer Party within my first week certainly helped!).

Whilst it’s all absolutely mad and a little intense, it’s an incredible intensity that drives you and makes you want to be a part of every single second. I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me, and to be a shooting star breaking the mould.

P.S. The soundtrack for Shrek is the best of all time… prove me wrong. 

ellie watson
Ellie Watson
Content Editor