If the previous creative launched the statement of intent, what followed defined the mission. It was about Quintet starting the conversation with new and existing audiences, clearly laying out what they stood for and beginning a conversation with our empathetic entrepreneur audience – those who are brave enough to create change by their own hand.

Those with the power to:


To bring this idea to life we created stand out creative executions that showed, with a single stroke of an investors brush, changed perceptions of the probable into the reality of the possible.

Activating change

Having made our statement and started the conversation, we had given ‘Quintet Green’ a voice and a purpose to get behind. The next job to be done was to extend and develop a focus on empowering the like minded to continue the conversation for us – providing Quintet Green a voice that went beyond its own brand.

We wanted to create a movement. We wanted to make Quintet a world leading opinion maker in the field (pun intended) of green investments.

To do this, we created content that highlighted the CHANGE MAKERS – those who know that the world with only CHANGE BY EXAMPLE, not by opinion.

This included thought leadership pieces that focused on the past, present and future of change, how change happens and how it can make a big difference to the world and ambassadors of change. We included an annual Change Maker Report that focused on carbon neutral investment trends, the leading Change Makers and overviews of carbon neutral investments made in the last 12 month. This all gave Quintet a reason to talk about carbon neutral investments, build the brand and keep the Change Makers movement going.

Our aim for Quintet and their climate neutral fund was to create a joined up series of campaigns under a strategic creative platform that delivered not only on creative excellence, but results as well.

We think that we succeeded in doing this in our pitch work and the client definitely did when they appointed us as their worldwide creative agency.

It was a pitch that was a joy to work on and even more of a joy to win. We are now working with the Quintet team to accelerate them forward. As the fund developed, the name did also – branching out to today’s fund, Quintet Earth.

It’s an exciting time and we are super proud to be with Quintet on their journey.