Well, a leavers blog is not something I expected to be writing so soon but I have begun to learn to not expect anything to go quite to plan once you’ve passed 20… something.
There’s a mediocre film called ‘Get him to the Greek’ that I watched a long time ago and in one wildly random scene there is one quote I will annoyingly never forget, but it kind of sums things up.

“When the world slips you a jeffrey, stroke the furry wall”.

I like to think that because it’s such a weird quote, the meaning is entirely up to your own interpretation. It helps me in a quirky way to remember that life is going to throw some real curveballs in your direction and it’s entirely up to you the direction you choose to go in when that happens. How you react to them. Whether it’s going to pull you down or spring you forwards. When I fell down the bbd stairs, I was definitely pulled down, and not quite springing forwards for a while… but you get the idea. Thanks again Paul for basically carrying me out of the office that day! Plays ‘Hero’ by Enrique Iglesias

I thought I knew exactly what my next 5-6 years was going to look like when I joined bbd. I had it all planned out, but the world has slipped me a number of jeffreys over the last 6 months and well, that plan could now not be more different. The great thing is, that I’m okay with it. A bright future and some really exciting things lie ahead of me.

Despite this, I feel incredibly sad to be leaving you guys. BBD is full of brilliant people, and some really good friends who have supported me, made me laugh, and taught me so much in such a short space of time.
I leave with so many lovely memories, I’ve laughed so much, cried a fair bit too, and had SO much fun. I cherish each and every incredible social planned, summer party, Christmas party, pub trip, and especially the moments working in the office where we’re all just together. Working away but having a laugh and taking the piss out of someone’s music choice, quiz question, or getting scammed into buying Amazon vouchers (coughAidancough).

Really though, long live the chaos of the daily quiz question!

Not only that but I have learned so much professionally and been given some amazing opportunities to grow and finesse other skills. One highlight being the bbd ad campaign – thank you to everyone involved in helping to launch this!

We had a camp Christmas

There are far too many reasons and far too many people to give particular ‘thank you’ shout outs. I love writing so I would, but you’d probably all get quite bored as I could write pages and pages. Just know that I value you all (and your dogs) hugely, for whatever part big or small you have played in my time here. There has been a positive contribution from each one of you, and I thank you all for that. Losing someone close to me very early on in my time at bbd was without doubt one of the most challenging moments of my life. I got through it with the unrelenting support and love of people here and that’s something I will never ever forget.

I leave reassured that you are all on an incredible journey here – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again that I am constantly in AWE of the talent and hard work poured out by everyone here and I’m incredibly excited for what the future holds for you all. I wish nothing but total joy and brilliant successes for you all, and I don’t doubt that’s what is in store for each one of you.

I conclude by saying, when life gives you a jeffrey, stroke the furry wall.
Stay tigerish, and please look after David.
Please do stay in touch,
Love Ellie x

ellie watson
Ellie Watson
Content Editor